BagBabe Logo, designed by Query Creative in the Hudson Valley

BagBabe is a New York-based boutique handbag company that also makes shoulder bags, totes, and other related girly accessories, marketed toward 20-40 year old fashionable women. The brand is intentionally over-feminine, girly, punchy, sexy, and bold.

BagBabe Business Cards, designed by Query Creative in the Hudson Valley

Overall, the brand is meant to feel “proud to be bitchy” while also retaining its femininity and a touch of elegance.

BagBabe Website on iPad, designed by Query Creative in the Hudson Valley

The website carries the brand theme throughout. Users can choose colors, accessories, and options for each bag, along with high-resolution graphics and images of each bag. The website is responsive and mobile-friendly for tablets, phones, and desktops. It was built in WordPress, making it easily editable. Content can be added/removed/changed with a few clicks.

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Laura Massari

I always get compliments that I have a beautiful site, and other tech people compliment that it's user friendly and has a great mobile version. I've seen many other websites all going that route now too & I really think that my site was more mobile friendly than some MAJOR retailer competitors of mine.

Cody has taught me how to manage orders on my site and is always available to help me when I need something. I've also found out that he has great ideas for graphics as well and has helped me with some marketing and branding. You are in good hands with Cody.

— Laura Massari, BagBabe
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