Steamboat District Market

Poughkeepsie, NY

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Steamboat District Market Logo, designed by Query Creative in the Hudson Valley

Steamboat is a proposed retail market for Poughkeepsie. The location was formerly the premiere place for steamboat pickups/drop-offs, so the logo is an abstraction of a ship’s wheel + water, but as an S.

Steamboat District Market Poster, designed by Query Creative in the Hudson Valley

The branding was extended to flyers, posters, and other materials, including a custom-designed map to show the proposed layout/location of the market and to ask people to show support.

Steamboat District Market Website, designed by Query Creative in the Hudson Valley

The website was designed to match the branding as well, to reiterate some of the same information from the print materials, and to allow public comment via embedded facebook comment feed. It was built in WordPress, making it easily editable. Content can be added/removed/changed with a few clicks.

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Mike Lund

I am pleased to call Cody a friend and someone I call on for advice. He is sharp all around -- just leave him alone and let him work. He's one of those people you should not try to micromanage or question too heavily. Let him be, and he'll give you beautiful work.

— Michael Lund, Steamboat District Market
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